Simulation Training

Most of SeaWays training and assessing is still live on board a client’s tug.  But more and more there is a transition to undertaking the same training and assessing on advanced simulators. Having said this; for the most appropriate outcomes it is our strong recommendation there is a mixture of the two.

Historically, marine simulators have evolved for navigational training on larger ships with Full Mission Bridge simulation, being designed generically for shipmaster and pilot training.

For simulation of harbour and escort towage using a tug around a ship they lacked effective hydrodynamics, proper interaction, realistic propeller wash and pressure effects around the ship.  Tug modeling was inadequate, towlines and winches were likewise inaccurate in their operation and characteristics.

To resolve this SeaWays and Transas, the world’s largest simulation company, collaborated in a unique joint venture that has seen exceptional progress in all the above simulator operational areas with regards to towage operations.

The real costs of conducting live on-board training in terms of vessel overheads (fuel, crew, machinery wear and tear etc.) can be significant.  Towage training is also governed by operational opportunity in the port and the need to conduct training in a safe and controlled environment.  SeaWays will therefore continue to develop simulator based training courses to improve the portfolio of marine training it can offer both existing and new clients whilst managing the associated risks of live-on-board training.

Transas Academy UK – World’s Most Advance TugSim

SeaWays have jointly developed with Transas a new 360-degree tug simulator that incorporates major improvements in simulator software.  These now include enhanced visuals via 44 LED screens that features 3D vision to allow for close quarter work and depth perception in a simulator environment.

The TugSim has been outfitted with authentic Damen supplied ASD tug consoles fitted with Rolls Royce Combi Controls.  The Tug simulator was built under a 5-year development JV agreement between Transas and SeaWays, with the prime aim of making constant improvements of tug and ship hydrodynamics, interaction during harbour towage operations, and incorporating realistic towline behaviour and forces.

Training courses on Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD), Azimuth Tractor Drive (ATD) and Conventional Twin Screw (CTS) tugs accurately model against real tugs are available.

All courses are fully based upon the proven and highly successful SeaWays competency based Tugmaster Training Programmes delivered consistently over the last decade with great success.

 portsmouth tugsim

SeaWays Jointly Developed TugSim Training Centre Portsmouth UK

Simulator based courses are being offered now as a cost effective and complimentary training alternative to current SeaWays training programmes for live-on-board training on a client’s vessels.   Clients can now also opt for a mixture of simulator and live on board training on their own vessels worldwide.

SeaWays in association with our JV partners undertake TugSim utilising advance Transas software in training centres in Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria and the UK.  There are plans in place to expand this coverage to include simulation facilities Canada, Malaysia and the USA.