SeaWays has developed an online eLearning platform for all its theoretical knowledge pertaining to tug operations, harbour towage, escort towage, render recover winch operations and HSEQ & Compliance.

Module 1:     Operating an Omni-Directional Tug and Emergence Responses for system failures.

Module 2:     Towage Theory for Harbour Towage Operations.

Module 3:     Towage Theory for Active Escort Towage & Dynamic Ship Assist.

Understanding HSEQ & Compliance:       These series of 24 eLearning lesson are vital for a master or manager gaining a comprehensive understanding of the laws, structure and regulations that underpin the maritime industry and the knowledge of what they need to be compliant with so as to ensure they cannot be held legally accountable.

Operating Render Recover Winches:      SeaWays has developed a series elearning videos and lessons on the operation and maintenance of high performance Markey render recover winches.                   NB: SeaWays is an accredited Markey Winch training provider.


Benefits of eLearning

It is designed so that a trainee undertakes the theory training online in their own time and in advance of the live onboard or TugSim training commencing.

At the successful completion of the Module/s they have undertaken there is a comprehensive multi choice Q&A assessment. They will then be issued a SeaWays Certificate of Achievement.

This approach will make the pragmatic training more effective and efficient; consequently will save considerable training time and costs for our clients.

The development of the online eLearning is part of our continuous improvement of all SeaWays training programs and Class accredited manuals.

All SeaWays training manuals have been written to be compliant to Registered Training Organisation (RTO) standards and accredited by ClassNK Classification Society.